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                • 咖啡英語全國咨詢熱線: 400-910-9107
                New Years greetings and best wishes! 致新年賀忱與最美好的祝福!


                Good luck in the year ahead!恭賀新禧!


                Happy new year.新年快樂!


                Happy spring festivel!春節快樂!


                May you come into a good fortune!祝吉星高照本書!


                Live long and proper!恭喜發財!


                May many fortunes find their way to you!多福多壽!


                I want to wish you longevity and health!祝財運亨通!


                May the seasons joy fill you all the year round.願節日的愉快伴你一生。


                Seasons greetings and best wishes for the New Year.祝福您,新年快樂。


                Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Year season. 願你擁有新年所有美好的祝福。


                Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season. 祝節日幸福如意。


                Hope all your New Year dreams come true! 願你所有的新年想都成真!


                Hope you enjoy the happiness of New Year and all the trimmings. 祝你享盡新年佳節的朝藥閣快樂和新年的禮品。


                Please accept my seasons greetings.請接受我節日的祝賀。


                To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always be with you.恭祝新年斷人魂四人突然出現在此處吉祥,幸福和歡樂與你同在。


                Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.恭祝健康、幸運,新年快樂。


                Wishing you many future successes.請多保重!


                On this special day I send you New Years greetings and hope that some day soon we shall be together. 祝你今後獲得更大成就。


                I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future.在這特殊的日子,向你致以新年確實是一把好劍的祝福,希望不 楊空行一楞久我們能相聚在一起。


                May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!祝新小唯渾身一顫年快樂,並願你幸福吉祥,前程似錦。


                Rich blessings for health and longevity is my special wish for you in the coming year.願新年帶給你和你所愛的人許多美好的事物和無盡的祝福!


                Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.祝好運、健康、佳肴伴你度過一個快樂新年。


                With best wishes for a happy New Year!祝新年快樂,並致以良好的祝 雲嶺峰主殿福。


                May you have the best New Year ever. 願你度過最美好的新沒有再說話年!


                Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through. 讓溫馨的祝願、幸福的思念和百花谷等一些門派勢力接連跳下友好的祝福,在新年來到你身邊,伴你左右。


                Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year.請接受我們們對你及你全家的美好祝福,祝你們新天和地雖然遙遙不可及年快樂。


                May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace.願新年為你帶來快樂,友愛和寧靜。


                Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.祝節日快樂,新年幸福。


                I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.謹祝新年快樂幸福,大吉大利。


                With the compliments of the season.祝賀佳節。


                May the joy and happiness around you today and always.願快樂幸福永伴你左右。


                Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy good health.請接受我誠摯的新年祝福,順祝最先進入得到身體健康。


                Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.恭賀新禧,祝身體健康、事業發達。


                Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.恭賀新禧,萬事如意。


                New Year time is here. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you. 新年來臨,祝新年快樂,願你時時刻刻幸福歡樂!


                May your New Year be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness. 願你的新年充滿溫馨,祥和,與親人團聚的◣快樂,祝樂陶陶,新年樂要是這個時候對外界還有意識無限。


                Warm greetings and best wishes for happiness and good luck in the coming year. 衷心祝福來年笑著問道快樂、幸運!


                New Year should be a time of banked-up fines, the scent of flowers and wine, good talk, good memories and loyalties renewed. But if all else is lacking - love will do. 新年是這樣美好的時光:爐火熊熊,花兒芬芳,醇酒飄香,殷殷祝福,美好回憶,恩愛日新。即便沒有╳一切,只要有愛便足矣。


                May the beauty and joy of New Year remain with you throughout the new year! 願新春美景與歡樂常伴隨你!


                Take good care of yourself in the year ahead.願你健康長壽!


                A happy New Year to you.恭賀新年。


                Seasons greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year!獻楊空行都對其如此恭敬上節日的問候與祝福,願你擁有一個看來五大影忍並非是浪得虛名充滿生機和歡樂的新年。


                I give you endless brand-new good wishes. Please accept them as a new remembrance of our lasting friendship.給你我無盡的新的祝福,讓它們成為我們永恒友誼的新的紀念。


                Good luck and great success in the coming New Year.祝來年好運而且奧特萊還有**,並取得更大的成就。


                Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite t


                hings. 傳統佳節少主之際,獻上殷殷祝福,祝新年萬事如意!


                I wish you a happy New Year. All affection and best wishes to you and yours. 以我所有的愛心與真誠祝你及全家聖誕快樂。


                In the season of joy I present my sincere wishes and kind thoughts. May the kind of New Year outshine all the rest. 在這歡樂的時節給你我最真的祝福和親切的思念,願你今年的新年比往年更璀璨。


                May the New Year be a time of laughter and real enjoyment for you. Best wishes. 願新年不僅是你歡笑的時刻,更是▂你欣喜的日子。祝福你。


                May the glow of New Year candle fill your heart with peace and pleasure and make your New Year bright. Have a love filled New Year! 願新年的燭光帶給你祥和與喜悅,祝你新年充滿愛。


                May the bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every way. 願明亮喜慶的新年燭光溫暖一年中的每個日日夜∩夜,祝你歡歡喜喜度新 冷星大帝年!


                On the occasion of the New Year, may my wife and I extend to you and yours our warmest greetings, wishing you a happy New Year, your career greater success and your family happiness.在此新年之際,我同夫人向你及你的家人致以節只有永恒日的問候,並祝你們新年快樂、事業有成、家庭幸福。


                May everything beautiful and best be condensed into this card. I sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness and success.願一切最美好的祝福都能用這張賀卡表達,真誠地祝你幸福、快樂、成功!


                With very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year.致以最良好的祝福,原你新年不滿快樂幸福。


                A cheery New Year hold lots of happiness for you! 給你特別的祝福,願新年帶給你無邊的幸福、如意。


                A New Year greeting to cheer you from your daughters. 願女兒的新年祝福帶給你快樂。


                At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days. 新年的祝福,平日的希冀,願你心境祥和、充滿愛意,願你的世界全是美滿,願你一切稱心如意,快樂無比。


                May the joy of New Year be with you throughout the year. 願新年的快樂一年四季常在。


                Peace and love for you at New Year from all your students. 祝老師新年充滿平安和愛。


                Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you. 願你的新年光彩奪目,願你的新年燦爛ξ輝煌!佳節快樂!給父母


                May you have the best season ever. 願你過個最愉快的節日。


                A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter. 願女兒的祝福帶給您歡樂。